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“Prairie Dog Be Gone!”
Volume 1 sets the bar for all other varmint videos. Incredible action segments such as “Maximum Carnage”, along with outrageous humor segments like “The Prairie Dog Olympics” will have you wearing out the rewind button on your remote. You’ll see hundreds of graphic kills, including the only “quadruple” (4 dogs with 1 shot) ever caught on video! In addition, helpful information segments will help you prepare for your own western varmint hunt. TRT: 38 min.




Dog Be Gone

Dog Be Gone 2


Velocity Films
has done it again with
"Dog Be Gone & Beyond" Volume 2 and their newest video is bigger and badder than before! Join the road gang on this epic varmint hunt spanning over 2900 miles through seven states, and bringing the carnage level to new heights. You’ll see hunts for Rockchucks, Ground Squirrels, and Prairie Dogs in 4 different western states, with stops along the way to review the latest gadgets and services available to the varmint fanatic. Segments include evaluation of the hot .204 Ruger, outfitted varmint hunting, custom rifle project by Sharp Shooter Supply, and big bore varmint blasting with the .50 BMG!




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