Q: Who is Velocity Films?

A:Velocity Films, LLP is a production company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, and most extreme varmint hunting DVD's available. This is made possible through the partnership of a professional television producer, and a die-hard varmint junkie!

Q: How long are the videos?

A: The Prairie Dog Be Gone DVD is 55 minutes of non-stop action and behind the scenes footage. We do not waste time by showing anything but the shots, that's how we pack twice as much action in to 40 minutes as a two hour tape. There are over 30 up close graphic kills in the first 90 second segment! You don't have to sit through any boring footage just to get to the action.

Dog Be Gone and Beyond is even more action packed and runs 1 hour and 20 min.


Q: Where was the video shot?

A: PDBG was shot in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota on a combination of public and private lands. We are unable to disclose specific shooting locations due to excess pressure this would put on those specific areas. The video outlines numerous resources that you can use to find both public and private areas you can hunt.

DBG&B is a two week epic road trip. We start in New York and visit Sharp Shooter Supply in Ohio, touch down in Utah, visit new friends in Idaho, visit old friends in Montana, do some serious damage in North and South Dakota, experience a guided varmint hunt at the Rockin' 7 Ranch in Wyoming and depart through Colorado.

Q: What the @#$% did you shoot those varmints with?

A: Well, this varies. We use the following calibers in our 2 current titles: .17 HMR, .204 Ruger, .223, .22-250, .243 Ackley Improved, 7mm Rem. Mag, and someone came up with the bright idea to lug a .50 BMG out to the field in our second video.

The majority of kills in “PDBG!” come from the .223 and .22-250.

In “DBG&B!”, it’s mostly the .243 AI and .22-250 on Rock chucks and Ground Squirrels, and the .204 Ruger and .22-250 on Prairie Dogs. More important than caliber though, is the bullet design. Almost all of the varmints in both videos are hit with highly frangible bullets, such as the Hornady V-Max, or Sierra BlitzKing. This is what really causes the extreme reactions you see.

Q: Why do people hunt prairie dogs?

A: Prairie Dog hunting is an exciting outdoor activity with thousands of participants around the country. There are many valid environmental reasons for controlling the population of Prairie Dogs by hunting. For a detailed explanation of some of these reasons read Richard Gugeler's explanation at SeekersOfTheRedMist.com

Q: Who's talking about Dog Be Gone!?

A: All over! You can find us listed on:

The Varmint Hunters Association



Rockin 7 Ranch


American Self-Defense Institute